July 4 2019 – Eindhoven, The Netherlands


Experience what’s next

We believe marketing can be improved every day for the benefit of brands and people. That’s why we organise NextM, a marketing festival to inspire new thinking, ignite conversation and deliver expert views on new marketing opportunities. Through cutting edge international keynotes, a tech garden with the latest technology, the best music and delicious food, marketing professionals will experience how the next innovations are going to shape the future of tech, media, social and entertainment. We set the stage to dive into original concepts, innovative ideas and to continue the conversation that separates the buzz from the bizz.

This third edition is bound to be spectacular! Bring your Hoverboard and self-Lacing Nikes, and we’ll fire up the Delorean because this year we are going Back to the Future.

Amidst all the buzz around technological prosperity, AI, voice and hyper-connectivity, we’ve also become more aware of the downsides of the tech revolution. That’s why we’re going to dig deep into what we can learn from the past when we look towards the future. How can we merge proven ways of working with future technologies? How do we bring non-digital values into a digital first world?

Let’s travel back and forth in one day at NextM 2019! So get your ticket while they’re hot and meet your fellow time travellers – or better known as the first keynote speakers:

Peter Vandermeersch

Editor in chief - NRC Media

Rachel Lowenstein

Associate Director - Mindshare

Katinka Versendaal

Food Designer - The Eatelier

Wiemer Snijders

Author - Eat Your Greens

Vera van de Seyp


Jonatan de Boer

General Manager - Bird

Bas Korsten

Global Creative Lead - JWT

Emilie Sobels

Founder - Hashtag Workmode

David Norris

UK Head of Creative Strategy - Snapchat

Pieter Thijssen


Ralf van Lieshout

Strategy Director - Greenhouse

Domien Verschuuren

DJ - Qmusic

At NextM you will experience the latest and greatest innovations in our Tech Garden. Take part in drone races, express yourself on our digital graffiti wall, experience the sensory reality pods of SENSIKS and discover multiple VR and AR demos. And that’s just a little sneak peek!

Drone Race



Welcome to Eindhoven

NextM will take place in Eindhoven; a city bursting with creativity, innovation, technology, design and knowledge.

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NextM is powered by GroupM and the following agencies: