Virtual reality, augmented reality, virtual youtubers and post-truth. Reality has become our new plaything. Where the truth used to be set in stone it’s becoming more and more fluid.Virtual influencers becoming more real and artists more fake. Algorithms create new images out of existing ones. Different interpretations of the same events. Multiple truths and realities that can coexist and interact with each other.

The digital and the physical are no longer separate worlds. Everything has blended together. We can change our background, looks, voice, identity and world with a simple tap. So take the red pill and step through the looking glass and discover a worlds filled with endless possibilities – and threats – for brands, marketeers and people.

In the coming months, the line-up for NextM 2021 will be announced here and on out social channels.  Don’t miss out on an all-digital NextM 2021 on June 4th from the comfort of your own home.

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