Speakers of 2019

Pieter Thyssen


Pieter spends his time building time machines and indulging in Einstein’s theory of relativity. It’s not uncommon for him to get lost in a higher dimension and is still searching for a way to save Schrödinger’s cat. Whereas his left brain is trained as a scientist and philosopher, his richt brain prefers the piano. Pieter explores the world on foot and goes through life with a cup of Ethiopian coffee in his hand.

Katinka Versendaal


She’s curious about developments in the world of food, especially the technological and social aspects and how those will influence the way we eat. With her company The Eatelier she tries to create sustainable, healthy and good food, in order to generate attention for the current food crisis. Katinka takes results from research, analyses and other insights and turns them into food experiences for a broad audience.

Sumi Chumpuree-Reyntjes


Sumi is an experienced digital manager with over 13 years of experience in sales and account management. Before she started working for Twitch, she played several roles within Spotify, Unruly and Vibrant Media. For Twitch, she deals with the enormously growing market of live streaming, gaming, esports and the opportunities these developments offer for brands.

Peter Vandermeersch


Being editor in chief at NRC, Peter knows how influential media can be. Most of what we know about the world, we learned from the media. This puts great pressure on the shoulders of journalists, in order to provide us with accurate information. However, recently the relationship between journalism and the audience has suffered due to fake news and alternative facts. Peter shows us what we can expect from journalists, in order to survive the infocalypse.

Domien Verschuuren


Why would a radio DJ with a weekly commercial reach of 1.3 million listeners set up a biweekly podcast, completely separated from his successful radio show? Domien Verschuuren, radio DJ at Qmusic and creator of ‘Man man man, de podcast’, is here to tell the actual story about the fast growing phenomenon of the listening and creation of on demand audio. Including impressive numbers!

Emilie Sobels


Emilie founded Hashtag Workmode in 2015. In the meantime, she offers workplaces for ambitious female freelancers on five locations. But that’s not all. She’s best-selling author of the series ‘Baby, you got this’ and this year she organized the first edition of The Self-Made Summit, which is the ultimate career event for women. Expressing her passion for female empowerment, Emilie reaches tens of thousands career focused women in The Netherlands and Belgium on a daily basis.

Jonatan de Boer


Jonatan loves building enterprises and talking about tech, innovation and moonshots. It’s no surprise that he started working at Bird in 2018, a tech and mobility startup from Los Angeles. He decided to sell Mediakraft in 2016 and fulfills the role of advisor within VidCon and NPO. And it doesn’t stop there. He founded OnLane, which allowed brands, agencies and influencers to increase their audiences and generate revenue with engaging content on social video platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Musical.ly. He currently is involved with the rise of micro mobility and how it makes the inner city cleaner and more livable.

Vera van de Seyp


Vera van de Seyp is a designer and creative coder based in between Amsterdam and Antwerp. While finishing her Master at Media Technology, she doesn’t sit still in her spare time. She develops creative projects with a focus on machine learning, language and design systems. Vera enjoys unraveling uncharted subjects, while supporting her work by a research-fueled design process and several collaborations with other professions. She’s more than ready to give us a practical overview of the possibilities of using machine learning for visual design.

Rachel Lowenstein


Inspired by the dystopian, sometimes quite frightening, forecasts that Black Mirror showed us, Rachel looks at several scenarios based on upcoming trends and technologies. Each of these scenarios is based on a trend in media, technology or consumer behavior. And sometimes that shows a far from rosy picture… But she’s not here to scare us. Rachel will show us which opportunities this may offer for brands and how they can prepare for these future scenarios. She will mainly focus on the influence of trends in subscription models and the increasing influence of audio.

Koen Neggers


According to Koen Neggers, online marketing is nowhere near its highest peak. He loves to philosophize about the internet and how we can make it a better and more consumer-friendly place including room for revenue models for publishers. How can we turn constant optimization from a problem into part of the solution? Koen delights us with a heartwarming story about optimization, creation and the race for impression data.