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New speakers announced

By June 12, 2017June 22nd, 2017No Comments

This week we’re announcing a number of new speakers. With the new speakers announced, the time schedule is almost complete for a full day of innovation, inspiration and awesomeness. Hope to see you at NextM! The following speakers are added to the program of NextM.

Omar Kbiri – Maak

Omar likes to be at the center of things, is a creative and an expert in the field of new media, pop culture PR and communication. he’s the founder of Maak, a management agency for talent and stories. Omar yearly organises VEED, a festival for well-known YouTubers and their fans. A common thread in his life is storytelling and reaching young people.


Marc-Olivier Meunier

Marc has a technical background mixed with an acute understanding of the business matter and Facebook advertisement: the perfect mix to work at At Smartly we have always believed in automation. Let the machines do what they are really good at and let the humans focus on what they are good at. Marc is comfortable hacking data feeds and turning them into adverts. Marc is working with some of the biggest Facebook advertisers on the planet and has gathered a wealth of experience around the topic. Marc will be speaking about the latest developments in Facebook advertisement and the road ahead. Let us take a look at the latest innovations in creative automation and the future.


Jonatan de Boer

Experienced entrepreneurial media professional, shaping the future of online video. – Managing Director at OnLane, a Social Studio, reaching millions of viewers every day through influencers and content on YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and OnLane works with influencers such as Pinkers, Marije Zuurveld, Jeroen van Holland and Fred van Leer. Jonatan is founder of three startups, Advisory Board Member of VidCon Europe and sold Mediakraft Netherlands in 2016 to MediaLane Holding. Jonatan will be talking about GenZ: what is this young generation doing online and how do you reach them as an advertiser?

The full line-up will be announced soon, so stay tuned!

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